Pencisely Road, Pontcanna, Cardiff

Believe it or not we are only into the fifth week of the complete renovation and development of this beautiful Victorian House in Pontcanna. 

After day 3 most of the old rear extensions and internal walls were demolished and removed from site. 

Out with the old.....

Out with the old.....

On the third week, all the steels were hoisted into position, making the house appear to float delicately In mid air! What a wonderful sight: exposing the guts of the house and Inserting a new, slender skeleton. 

Amazing work on site.

Amazing work on site.

‘Precision Construction Wales’, are undertaking a sterling job: what a fabulously dedicated team of skilled trades people!


The new contemporary flat roof has 3 enormous bespoke roof lights and full height, high spec, glass sliding doors at 3m tall, that wrap around the new structure, held only by a slim, round, steel post located inside the far corner. Beautiful design by our engineers and design team! 


Well I think from yesterday’s site visit, this may be a record for getting a project in on time! ....We will keep you updated.