Glen Thomas Architecture's latest project : THE STATION HOUSES

Here are the first few images of our recent housing development in Aberthaw.

2 new build, contemporary dwellings, with burnt Larch cladding, concrete walls, Zinc roofs and frameless glass detailing.

The 2 houses are sunken into the plot behind a tall retaining wall and have the most incredible South facing views across the mountains surrounding East Aberthaw. 

More pictures to follow.....

Another exciting site vista today!

The flat roof rear extension is taking shape! Also, the slots are cut into the fabric of the old house, in preparation to receive the formidable 8m long flat glass roof. The glass is currently been fabricated in Germany, due to its enormity (8m x 3m) it takes 14 weeks to supply! After a few set backs, in the first month, we are now storming ahead! These contractors are true craftsmen, taking pride in every detail. From the bath stone cleaner, to the brick layers, the plasterers and the labourers; on every site visit, you sense the urgency and pride, around the site. 

Lisbon Museum trip to see my 'Chair'...

Last month, I visited Lisbon on a 4 day trip. Whilst there, I met with the Director of the DESIGN MUSEUM 'MUDE', in the city centre. 

MUDE have been exhibiting a chair that I designed over 15 years ago (picture attached to blog). What's exciting is that this was the second chair ever purchased from our London shop space, the first chair, selling to Donna Karan! 

Our meeting was primarily to discuss current furniture collections that are on my drawing board, and potential future exhibitions. All very exciting, and maybe the push I need, to transfer these recent doodle concepts, from 2-D into reality. 


city panoramic from castle w.jpg

The Pontcanna House

Site update : The skeleton of the structure is almost suspended in time. A building with such rich history, the guts ripped out : the expression the same, but the engine modernised. Exciting to behold!